In our last post we featured questions from a local Jacksonville, FL clinic on how they choose a waste management company. This week we reached out to Tina Kenny, General Manager at Universal Waste Management and got some great insights on how Your Questions on Waste Removal Answered:

  1. Are they reliable? Your Questions on Waste Removal Answered
    Yes, with state of the art scheduling software that is integrated in our desktop, hand help, and navigation systems, we can assure our clients a piece of mind that we will be there on time and on schedule.
  2. Are their prices reasonable? 
    Yes, we offer all new clients a 20% minimum savings off their current cost. This is the “UWM Guarantee.”
  3. To what degree can they provide “tailor made” services?
    We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and even as needed service to nearly the entire state of Florida and Southeast Georgia. We also provide  collection containers ranging from a 15 gal. box to 96 gal. plastic containers.
  4. Do they understand the importance of doing things right? (Regulatory compliance including DOT and EPA). 
    Yes, our entire staff is trained in the latest OSHA requirements for Bloodoorne Pathogens. All personnel responsible for the handling and transportation of waste are trained in accordance with OSHA, DOT and all state and federal laws including the Department of Health and EPA.
  5. Does the service provide periodic audits? Meeting with the hospital to make sure everything is running right.
    Yes, the entire staff handling each individual clients account is responsible for monitoring and reporting any changes that can provide a safe, cost effective service. We also offer hands on training to educate the client and their staff.
  6. Are they a good resource? – Provide expertise regarding any waste stream.  
    Yes, as stated above, we monitor, report, and educate on all waste stream to provide the safest most cost effective service to our clients.
  7. Can they reduce hospital FTE’s? – What can your service do to free up responsibilities of hospital staff? For example: Picking up waste at collection stations. 
    Yes, we like to think of ourselves as a partner with our clients, not just someone who picks up their waste. We roll up our sleeves put on our PPE and work with them to reduce or even eliminate FTE’s in certain circumstances.
  8. Can they be flexible? Can they meet the needs of the hospital by making pick-ups when needed?
    Yes, all clients are different and have different needs. We tailor our service to best suit these individual  needs.
  9. How do they deal with pharmaceutical waste? – Are the employees being sent to the hospital professional, are they trustworthy and knowledgeable? 
    Pharmaceutical waste is a different more sensitive waste than other waste and should be handled accordingly.  Any staff member who has direct contact with any waste stream has undergone a background check which includes the Jessica Lunsford Act and has been trained and certified in the handling of these individual wastes.
  10. Do they provide adequate staff to reduce the amount of time for picking up the waste? 
    Yes, our goal and key responsibility is to never slow or interfere in a client’s day to day operations. We do this with any and all resources available to us to insure fast, safe and efficient waste removal.

For more information or to speak with a waste expert visit Universal Waste Management.

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