We all like a good deal right? And for good reason. Money is tight and you want to make the best choice with the best options, to hopefully give you the best outcome.
Tips for Medical Waste Removal in Cove Springs FL
Before you decide to sign-up for the next “too good to be true” contract, read these 3 helpful Tips for Medical Waste Removal in Cove Springs FL:

  • Tip 1:  Research the company
    Doing your homework can go along way. When it comes to waste removal contracts you should be looking for a company that keeps their word and seeks a long term customer relationship. There are countless stories from clients who talk about their remorse over signing a long term deal with a company that has poor customer service, doesn’t return their calls and isn’t reliable. Make sure and ask:
  1. Where are you located?
  2. Are your staff trained and certified?
  3. Do you have a nearby office?
  4. Do you have any references?
  5. What happens if I need to cancel?

Make sure and do your homework before signing anything.

  • Tip 2: Ask detailed questions on “Special Offer” deals
    Nothing upsets us more then to realize the deal we were initially offered wasn’t really a deal at all. A lot of our clients have found this out the hard way. Receiving a notice in the mail detailing an increase “due to unforeseen charges or fees” is unacceptable. You are entitled to the full details before you sign anything, so make sure and read the fine print and ask them (if  or when) the next price increase is coming.

Note: Many of the top companies working in waste removal pride themselves on keeping their word. If you should need to cancel your contract for any reason they should work with you. If they try and intimidate you to keep your contract, leave. Take your business and go elsewhere. Don’t mind the threats, move on.

  • Tip 3: Price Compare
    When it comes to waste management services you would be surprised how many people don’t compare prices. We’ve found prices vary greatly from company to company and are based on services, frequency and container size. What’s scary is how much the price can vary. For some small offices a monthly pick-up (of a similar size container) can run anywhere from $50-$350 depending on the company. That’s a huge difference. Spending the time to shop around can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Need some help deciding? If your looking for waste removal services in the Georgia or Florida area, feel free to contact the experts at Universal Waste Management for a no-hassle conversation or call toll free at 1-855-27MYBIO (69246).

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