We recently caught up with a waste managment expert over at a local clinic here in Jacksonville, Florida.  He offered some great insights into what hospitals consider 10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Hazardous Waste Companywhen hiring a hazardous waste company.

“Waste is a serious issue as you can imagine and hospitals are looking for companies that not only pick up on a regular basis, but provide assurance that the staff that visit the hospitals are knowledgeable, dependable and accommodating.”

Here are 10 things you should consider before hiring a hazardous waste company:

  1. Are they reliable?
  2. Are their prices reasonable?
  3. To what degree can they provide “tailor made” services?
  4. Do they understand the importance of doing things right? (Regulatory compliance including DOT and EPA).
  5. Does the service provide periodic audits? – Meeting with the hospital to make sure everything is running right.
  6. Are they a good resource? – Provide expertise regarding any waste stream.
  7. Can they reduce hospital FTE’s? – What can your service do to free up responsibilities of hospital staff? For example: Picking up waste at collection stations.
  8. Can they be flexible? Can they meet the needs of the hospital by making pick-ups when needed?
  9. How do they deal with pharmaceutical waste? – Are the employees being sent to the hospital professional, are they trustworthy and knowledgeable?
  10. Do they provide adequate staff to reduce the amount of time for picking up the waste?

In our next post you’ll get honest answers from the experts here at Universal Waste Management on each of these important questions. Stay tuned.

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