Doctors' Office

Medical Waste Disposal in Florida and Southeast Georgia

When you work in a doctors’ office, the safety of your patients and staff is number one priority. From discarded sharps and pharmaceutical waste, to bio-hazardous medical waste and trace chemotherapy waste, a doctor’s office is full of discarded items that could place others in serious danger. At Universal Waste Management, we are dedicated to providing effective, immediate and secure medical waste removal services to doctor’s offices in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee and other areas of Florida and Southeast Georgia.

Medical Waste Disposal for Doctor’s Offices

Our team of medical waste disposal experts has been meticulously trained to remove the following types of medical waste from licensed doctor’s offices:

  • Sharps Disposal
    Used needles and syringes need to be safely removed from a doctor’s office as soon as possible. Universal Waste Management will dispose of medical sharps with secure impenetrable sharps containers. We will provide sharps disposal services based on the type and volume of waste that your facility procures, as well as the state and local regulations.
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
    Expired, unused and partially used pharmaceuticals need to be properly identified and disposed of to protect your staff and prevent the possibility of prescription drug abuse. We’ll carefully separate, document, package and transport the pharmaceuticals, along with destroying any documentation related to the prescriptions. After we’ve done this, we can then determine whether or not the drugs require simple disposal or need to be incinerated.
  • Bio-Hazardous Medical Waste Disposal
    Universal Waste Management specializes in handling and removing red bag, biohazardous and pathological regulated medical waste. This includes items that could be infectious to other people, including needles, blades, glass pipettes, gloves, gauze, gowns and other potentially harmful disposables from exam and treatment rooms.
  • Trace Chemotherapy Waste Disposal
    Trace chemotherapy waste includes partially empty packages, tubes, syringes, needles, gowns and gloves used for intravenous cancer treatment. We manage these items carefully and dispose of them via incineration. Universal Waste Management will provide the appropriate receptacles and containers for trace chemotherapy waste and we can provide removal services based on your facility’s needs.

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