Biomedical Waste Operating Plan?Most companies who deal with biomedical waste don’t know where to begin when it comes to compliance.

States can vary on the required documentation, regulation, and training necessary. Even though many facilities have their biomedical waste removed by a registered waste transporter, it’s still important to have a “plan” in place that documents your procedures and emergency contacts.

The Florida Department of Health  recommends including the following into your Biomedical Waste Operating plan:

  1. Purpose – Provide the necessary guidance and requirements for proper management
  2. Training for personnel – Sessions should be held so that personnel understand activities carried out in the facility
  3. Definition, identification, and segregation of biomedical waste – Biomedical waste is any solid or liquid waste which may present a threat of infection to humans
  4. Containment – Red bags of containment should comply with the required standards and be available to staff
  5. Labeling – Sealed biomedical waste bags and sharp containers should be labeled with the facilities name and address prior to offsite transport
  6. Storage – Containers should be stored in areas that are restricted through use of locks, signs, or locations for no more than 30 days
  7. Transport – Handled by a DOH registered company (Universal Waste Management)
  8. Procedure for decontaminating biomedical waste spills – Outline your procedures for emergencies and how to deal with urgent situations
  9. Contingency plan – If for some reason your provider cannot assist you in removal what is your backup plan
  10. Branch Offices – Know the personnel at your facility and how they can be reached

If you’d like to begin crafting your own plan and don’t know where to begin, Universal Waste Management will be happy to assist you with any of your questions free of charge. They are a Biomedical Waste Transporter and Storage Facility, registered with the Florida Department of Health and Georgia Environmental Protection Division and highly recommended by medical professionals throughout the States of Florida & Georgia.

They can be reached toll free 855-27MYBIO (69246) or by email

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