Stop the CYCLE – Top 5 Reasons You Should Switch Medical Waste Removal ProvidersPros and Cons: Finding the Right Medical Waste Removal Provider[/caption]

It doesn’t matter if you’re a  small medical office or a full scale hospital with more than 1,000 employees, it’s critical to find a provider that has the flexibility to fit your needs. When it comes to making that final decision you really should consider the Pros and Cons of your options. For the sake of this post let’s focus on “Large vs. Small” companies and see objectively how they stack up. This will help you in determining which option to go with.

Larger Companies


  • Credibility: Many of the large companies have been around for a long time and have credibility in the industry for completing the job
  • Network: With hundreds of employees it very likely that they will be able to accommodate all or any of your needs
  • Name Recognition: You’ve heard about them before because everyone (or almost everyone) is using them already


  • Cost: Most of the time the larger companies can get away with higher costs because customers didn’t know they had other options
  • Customer Service: You’re just another name (or it starts to feel that way) when you call them and explain your challenges only to be put on “hold”
  • Long-term Contracts: Getting you to sign a long-term contract is the ultimate goal of the large companies and it can be difficult to get out of

Smaller Companies


  • Personalization: You won’t be another contract to them, they know all their clients and work hard to keep them satisfied
  • Lower Cost Flexibility: Special offers and deals can really help the customers especially when long-term contracts aren’t the end goal
  • Local Appeal: You can’t be everything to everyone so finding local companies who take pride in the local community and economy is a plus


  • Fewer Service Offerings: There may be some services they can’t provide due to limited staff or resources
  • Locations : You probably need to call them and make sure they provide pick-up services to your location
  • Availability: Depending on the size of the organization reacting to an emergency can be challenging

At the end of the day you have to determine what is the “most” important thing to you: Quality? Price? Availablity. The answer to this question is your choice.

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