Everything You Need to Know About Medical Waste Disposal in FL are as follows:

What is medical waste?

Medical waste is known as potentially infectious waste materials that come from hospitals, dental offices, veterinarians and other facilities that provide some form of health care (even schools). It can also come from medical research facilities and labs. This can include:

  • Blood-soaked bandages
  • Needles
  • Used surgical equipment
  • Gloves used during surgery
  • Bodily organs
  • And other similar products used during medical procedures

How can medical waste harm me?

Medical waste can cause many diseases because it contains a high amount of disease-causing microorganisms known as pathogens. If you are exposed to medical waste, it can lead to parasitic infection, infections in your lungs and other areas of your body, and other deadly infections such as HIV and Hepatitis B.

How can I dispose of medical waste properly?

There are very specific local and federal medical waste disposal laws that must be followed when it comes to disposing of medical waste. Because most facilities that produce medical waste are medical centers, there are drop boxes placed throughout the facilities that can contain the medical waste that is then picked up by an accredited company such as Universal Waste Management.

If you are in a situation that requires using products that become medical waste, such as insulin shots, it is important to make sure you dispose of your medical waste properly. There are a couple of options to choose from. You can get a drop box that has a special opening, allowing the needle to be pushed through but not retrieved. You can also find a needle collection location near you that has medical disposal. Most doctors offices, hospitals and pharmacies have needle collection that you can also bring full drop boxes to for proper disposal.

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