Medical Waste Removal ServicesI need help getting out of my contract, when I call customer service they tell me that I will be hit with a huge penalty or to call back in a few months and cancel then to avoid the charges.

Sound familiar? These are some of the main tactics used by 97% of the Medical Waste Removal Services Providers out there. It’s time that you stop the CYCLE and know that you don’t have to put up with that kind of intimidation or service. Here are just five of the top reasons you should consider switching providers:

  1. Automatic Renewals –  Ever wonder why companies set up automatic renewals? It’s not because they are trying to be helpful and realized that you might forget. It’s because they want the ability to charge you upfront (without having to ask you!) for more money. Adding this feature to your contract is a way to keep billing you without having to ask you. This basically means that they don’t have to re-negotiate the deal they made with you.
  2. High Costs – It’s common knowledge very few people shop around for rates when it comes to medical waste providers, so companies take that into consideration when charging high prices and getting clients into contracts. Doing your homework and asking them if they match rates is a must.
  3. Hidden Fees – What so you didn’t know when you signed the contract that there would be some extra fees? Go figure. Hidden fees are a big part of the “extras” that they rely on. Be up front when speaking to customer service reps on your needs and get a good quote with details on any possible fees that could be included.
  4. Fine Print – Ever heard the saying the “devil is in the details?” Well there is a good reason why we are all skeptical on fine print. That is the information that is legally binding on your contract that says that if you try to cancel for any reason they can charge you X and they can break the contract without penalty with you. Sounds fair right? It isn’t, however reading through your contract thoroughly before you sign it will help you.
  5. Cancellation Dates – Even if you are in a current contract with a company,  don’t be afraid to switch. The fear tactics used by companies to “force” people into staying never works, both parties end up unhappy. In fact Universal Waste Management prides themselves on helping people get out of there long-term contracts and will even cover the penalty fees in most circumstances. Now that’s true customer service!
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