Long-term contracts make a lot of sense for biomedical waste removal companies. They lock in revenue for an extended period of time and have a solid chance of being extended beyond that. You feel good (temporarily) because you got a good rate right?

Then reality hits…service isn’t so great…you see better rates advertised…you’re thinking maybe I should give them a call.

You will probably end up paying an early termination fee, which can be sizeable, in order to get out of your contract. For them, dangling a low price as an incentive to sign a contract is well worth it. The truth is that all of this should be avoided.

I recently spoke with Tina Kenny, Operations Manager at Universal Waste Management who said, “You would be surprised to hear the number of people who contact us and are shocked by our low prices with no contract. They think there is some catch, because that is what they have come to expect from our competitors.”

You should also never have to sacrifice quality based on price. Just because companies are required by law to have this service, doesn’t mean you have to accept their terms.

Think about this: Even if the prices are roughly equivalent, you’re better off without the contract simply because there’s no termination fees and there’s the freedom needed to switch elsewhere if there’s a better bargain.

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