Medical Waste Disposal in Tarpon Springs, FL

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Universal Waste Management was built around the people we serve, ensuring the best price with proper Medical Waste Disposal in Tarpon Springs, FL, and surrounding cities. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution for biohazardous waste removal. We can create a solution that works for you and offer no-fuss month-to-month contracts with flat prices and no hidden fees.

A dependable and effective option wasn’t available in waste removal until Universal Waste Management was founded. From every pickup and supplies delivery to final disposal, we aim to stand out against other companies. We want to become your source for safe and effective biomedical waste disposal and removal.

We offer different options for your needs. We offer biohazardous waste removal to clinics, healthcare centers, hospitals, dentists, schools and offices in Tarpon Springs, FL, and throughout the region. In addition to medical waste, Universal Waste Management also provides computer and office equipment disposal.

Our professional and helpful staff will make medical waste removal stress-free. They will then transfer everything to our facility where we will dispose of it safely.

Universal Waste Management serves businesses throughout Georgia and Florida. We are serious about responsible and risk-free medical waste disposal.

If you need any disposal containers for your biohazardous waste, ask about the options we offer. This can ensure safety of the medical waste in between pickups.

Choose a bin as small as 15 gallons or one as large as 96 gallons. Sharps receptacles are also on offer. We also have 3 varieties of sharps containers specific to chemo medical waste and RCRA. Visit the products page for more information. We give you our word that these containers won’t spill.

If you need assistance with biohazardous waste removal services in Tarpon Springs, FL, call us today.