Biohazard Waste Removal in Savannah, GA

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Universal Waste Management is focused on providing answers to dispose of your biohazard waste removal in Savannah, GA. We offer monthly prices and non-nonsense rates without extra fees, all with the goal of keeping your rates affordable.

A trustworthy and affordable solution wasn’t available in waste removal until Universal Waste Management started serving Georgia and Florida. From every removal and supplies delivery to final disposal, we don’t want to be just another organization that you do business with a partner in creating solutions in proper biohazard waste disposal and removal.

Finding options that work for your business is what makes us different from competing medical waste removal companies. We work in concert with hospitals, dentists, clinics and more in Savannah, GA, and throughout Florida and Georgia. In addition to biomedical waste, Universal Waste Management also offers electronic equipment disposal.

Our friendly, professional staff will make medical waste removal stress-free. They will then transport your waste to our facility where we will dispose of it in the proper way.

Universal Waste Management offers medical waste removal to the states of Florida and Georgia. We take this duty as a serious matter in all areas of our business.

If you want any disposal containers for your hazardous waste, ask about the options we offer. This can help ensure the safety of the bio waste between servicing.

These bins come in all sizes, from 15 gallons to 96 gallons. We also have containers for sharps ranging from 1 quart to 18 gallons to fit your needs. If you have special needs for things like chemo waste, we have that too. Visit the products page for more information. Every receptacle is leak-proof so medical waste is easy to secure.

To learn more regarding our Savannah, GA, hazardous waste disposal in services, call us.