Biohazard Waste Disposal in Pensacola, FL

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Universal Waste Management is committed to providing answers to safe Biohazard Waste Disposal in Pensacola, FL. We understand that there is no ready-made solution for medical waste removal. We work to understand your needs and find ideal for your business and offer simple month-to-month contracts with flat prices and no hidden fees.

A trustworthy and affordable option wasn’t available in waste removal until Universal Waste Management was founded. From every removal and dropoff to final disposal, we aim to stand out from the crowd. We want to be a true your source for effective and responsible medical waste removal.

We offer multiple service levels and price points. At Universal Waste Management, we pride ourselves on becoming a partner in helping clinics, hospitals, dentists, other healthcare centers and even schools throughout Pensacola, FL, as they find disposal solutions for this waste. Biomedical waste isn’t the only thing Universal Waste Management can remove. We also dispose of computer and office equipment.

Our staff come to your business. They will then transfer the waste to our facility where we will dispose of it safely.

We are registered with both states and we are committed to following all the rules that are required. We are serious about responsible and risk-free medical waste disposal.

If you need any secure containers for your hazardous waste, ask about the disposal products we make available to customers. This can ensure safety of the medical waste between the time you throw it out and pickups.

We have large (96 gallon) receptacles and small choices (15 gallons) and everything in between. Sharps containers are also available for your business. Our products include receptacles that can be used chemo waste and RCRA. Visit the products page to see for yourself. Every bin is guaranteed not to leak so potential hazardous waste is easy to secure.

If your business needs hazardous waste removal in Pensacola, FL, call us today.