Biohazard Waste Management in Palm Coast, FL

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If you are a company that accumulates biomedical waste that needs to be disposed of in Palm Coast, FL, who do you turn to? Select Universal Waste Management of Palm Coast, FL. Whatever your biohazard waste management in Palm Coast, FL would be, Universal Waste Management will provide affordable and cost-effective solutions on a month-by-month contract.

A dependable and effective solution was hard to find in waste disposal until Universal Waste Management started serving Georgia and Florida. From every pickup and delivery to final disposal, we aim to stand out against other companies. We want to be your source for proper biohazard waste removal.

Finding options that work for your business is what separates Universal Waste Management over competing medical waste removal providers. At Universal Waste Management, we have become a partner to clinics, hospitals, dentists, other healthcare centers and even schools throughout Palm Coast, FL, as they find disposal solutions for this waste. Biomedical waste isn’t the only thing Universal Waste Management can handle. We also dispose of office and computer equipment.

Our helpful and friendly staff will make medical waste removal simple. From there, these technicians will transport your waste to our facility, where everything will be handled properly.

Universal Waste Management is licensed by Georgia and Florida. We stay updated on and comply with all of the regulations of hazardous waste treatment and disposal.

We provide foolproof medical waste bins for your hospital or clinic.

We have large (96 gallon) bins and small varieties (15 gallons) and more. Sharps bins are also available for your business. We also have 3 options for sharps containers specifically for chemo medical waste and RCRA. Visit our products page for more information. We are confident that these containers won’t spill.

If you need assistance with biomedical waste disposal in Palm Coast, FL, call us today.