Medical Waste Disposal in Lake City, FL

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Universal Waste Management works hard to be the best biomedical waste management firms at the best prices for medical waste disposal in Lake City, FL. Whatever your hazardous waste management and disposal needs might be, Universal Waste Management will provide safe and affordable solutions on a month=by-month basis.

A safe and responsible option wasn’t available in waste removal until Universal Waste Management came along. From every pickup and dropoff to final disposal, we are in business to help your business and want to be a partner in helping find solutions in proper biomedical waste disposal and removal.

With that customization, you will be sure that you are getting the low prices but the best service. We work closely with hospitals, dentists, clinics and more in Lake City, FL, and throughout Florida and Georgia. Biomedical waste isn’t the only thing Universal Waste Management can remove. We also dispose of computer and office equipment.

Our employees come to your hospital or clinic. They will then transport the waste to our facility where we will dispose of it safely.

Universal Waste Management provides service to businesses throughout Georgia and Florida. We are serious about safe, reliable and efficient medical waste disposal.

Need disposal bins at your clinic? Talk with a Universal Waste Management representative.

We have large (96 gallon) receptacles and small choices (15 gallons) and medium sizes, too. Receptacles just for sharps are especially popular, and we have a range of offerings. Our selections include receptacles certified things like chemo waste. Visit our products page for more information. We are confident that these bins won’t leak or spill.

If you are looking for quality medical waste management in Lake City, FL, call us.