Biomedical Waste Disposal in Fort Walton Beach, FL

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If you are a business that creates hazardous waste that needs to be removed in Fort Walton Beach, FL, who do you turn to? Consider Universal Waste Management for biomedical waste disposal in  Fort Walton Beach, FL. Whatever your biomedical waste management and disposal needs are, Universal Waste Management will provide affordable, and effective, solutions on a month=by-month contract.

A trustworthy and affordable solution was hard to find in waste disposal until Universal Waste Management came to Florida and Georgia. From every pickup and delivery to final disposal, we are committed to being a partner in finding solutions in safe and effective medical waste disposal.

Finding solutions that work for you is what distinguishes us from competing biowaste removal providers. At Universal Waste Management, we are proud to work with clinics, hospitals, dentists, other healthcare centers and even schools throughout Fort Walton Beach, FL, as they find solutions in disposing this waste. Universal Waste Management isn’t limited to biomedical waste. Our pros also do office and computer equipment disposal.

Our drivers come to your clinic, hospital or medical center. We’ll collect the waste and take it to a safe place for legal disposal.

We are registered with both the Florida Department of Health and Georgia Environmental Protection Division and we are committed to following all the procedures associated with those registrations. We take this service and all the rules and regulations about it as a serious matter in all areas of our business.

We offer foolproof medical waste bins for your hospital or clinic.

These bins range in size from 15 to 96 gallons. We also have bins for sharps in sizes up to 18 gallons that may be just right for your medical center or clinic. Our selections include bins safe things like chemo waste. Visit our products page to see for yourself. Every bin is guaranteed not to leak so medical waste is easy to secure.

If you are looking for high-quality biohazardous waste removal in Fort Walton Beach, FL, call us.