Current UWM Customers

The benefits of an effective paperless system are faster retrieval of information, space savings, fewer lost manifest and reduction of papers to keep. These are just a few of the benefits for our customers.

Universal Waste Management finds it essential that we provide ways to our customers to keep compliance issues “simple”. We have developed a paperless system that once our driver has a member of your staff sign his tablet stating that we were there to make a pick-up of your biomedical waste, the manifest is then sent automatically to the email address that we have embedded in our system.

Please note that there is a link on the emails that are being sent with your manifest where you are able to create an account with our paperless system. The link will look very similar to this example.

Once you click on the link it will ask you to create an account. Be sure for the email or user box that you use the email address that you are receiving your manifest to. Then it will have you create a password. Once this is done you will be able to view all your manifest submissions and retrieve those you do not have, by going to the following address.