The Universal Waste Management Difference: Customer Service vs. Customized Service


Customer Service vs. Customized Service

In this day and age you’ve probably heard the saying, “The only true constant is change.”  In order to stay relevant to your customers today you’ve got to understand their needs and adapt to a changing tomorrow. This begs the question, “Then why are so many companies, not changing?” Take for example customer service.

There is a big difference between the normal (required) Customer Service vs. Customized Service.

In the past companies could get away with a “one-size fits all” mentality when it came to helping people. Those on the phones could read a script and when a problem came up they would direct them to the desired solution. When they didn’t have an answer they improvised or directed them to a voice mail to leave their complaint. Sound familiar? The sad truth is that many of todays waste removal companies still follow the normal (frustrating) customer service traditions of the past. Not all of them though.

A local biomedical waste removal company based out Jacksonville, FL called Universal Waste Management is doing things different. One of the key reasons they are becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the area is their “Customized Service” approach.

  1. Personalized Service – They work with each client and discuss their needs to develop a service structure that works with them. One account rep is assigned to each account and they get individual attention, not an answering machine
  2. Tailored Pricing – No long-term contracts with heavy fees attached, they give you month-to-month options and will work with you based on your needs
  3. Reliability – 24/7 response is key when it comes to emergencies and a dedicated staff is always on call to help you with any situation that can arise
  4. Flexible Service Schedules – Your time is important and their flexible schedules allow you to plan accordingly. They adapt to your changing times

One thing is for sure, this new approach has put the industry on notice.  Either adapt or expect cancellations calls in the near future.

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