Sustainability & the Environment: Moving fowards or backwards?

Sustainability & Economic

Does your current biomedical waste removal provider have your best interests in mind?

This past year marked 35 years ago that “Earth day” was created when it mobilized 200 million people in 141 countries and lifted the status of environmental issues onto the world stage. Years later polls were taken by Gallup, asking people what they valued more… importance on protecting the environment or economic growth.

The results may shock you:

  • 1985
    • 65% Protect the Environment
    • 35% Economic Growth
  • 2013
    • 50% Protect the Environment
    • 50% Economic Growth

Even the Huffington Post published an article entitled, Poll Finds Americans Less Concerned About The Environment Now Than When Earth Day Began. How could this be?

With more regulation, advertising, programs and attention paid to the environment over the years why are people moving towards economic growth. The answer is simple: Yes, the environment is important, but providing for my family and having a job is critical to my well-being. Just because the stock market is at historic levels doesn’t mean that the average family or business is doing that well.

However the key for sucess today is to focus on both. Some businesses are listening to their customers and making changes that help the environment and help the economy. For example, Universal Waste Management  listened to customers when they wanted paperless manifests, online storage capability (so they don’t have to manage tons of paperwork files) and scheduled pick-ups on their schedule.

This is where Sustainability comes in. It’s based on a simple principle: Everything we need for our survival and well-being depends on our natural environment and how we adapt to it. The same can be said with businesses that operate on these “old school” mentalities (i.e. one style fit’s all contracts, my way or the highway fees) just won’t cut it anymore. We need to be flexible, caring, understading and most importantly giving.

Our goal here at Universal Waste Management is more than just removing biomedical waste, it’s taking the necessary steps to help us all as a society move beyond waste management to resource recovery. Everyone can do their part, but ask yourself does my current waste removal provider have my best interests in mind for my family or the environment? You decide.


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